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You can start a class action if you’ve been harmed, financially or physically, as a result of wrongful or neglectful actions by a company or group of people, and believe others have been inflicted in the same way. Generally if the number of people who’ve been impacted by the same thing number in the several dozens or more, then a class action might be the most appropriate action.
The best advice we can offer when filing a class action is to hire an experienced class action attorney. Class actions are generally very complex and, if the defendant has money, then it’s safe to assume they will employ very skilled attorneys to conduct the defense for them.
Once you’ve chosen your legal team, you will likely receive a free consultation where you will present your side of the story and find documents to be filed as evidence. The lawyers will then conduct some investigation to see if there is a legitimate case to be made. Once the lawyer determines that a suit can be filed, he or she will draft the complaint.
As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort on your part to start a class action. Your attorney will be the one to handle the workload of such a case and compensation will be provided from the settlement. If you truly believe you have a legitimate class action case, reach out to an experienced lawyer about it. 

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Here Are Some Companies That Have Paid Out Millions Of Dollars in Claims: Progressive Insurance • Red Robin • Radio Shack • Glenmore Investment • ICMarkets • TradeLtd RJ • Reynolds Tobacco • Ford Motor Company • Sears Roebuck • Verizon Wireless • Family Dollar Stores

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