Why You Need To Act Fast


Entities & Structure

Each online scam involves several business entities and a sophisticated structure. The longer you’ll wait, the harder it will be to expose it.

Time Frame

If the brokers that scammed you are still operating, on the same brand name or not, they will be easier to track then after they’re gone.

Scam Prevention

High chances that the same people who scammed you are still scamming others using a different identity. The sooner we’ll stop them, the better.

Success Rate

If your case will end up in court, then the time it took you to act will be counted as well. Early case filing means higher chances to succeed
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Here Are Some Companies That Have Paid Out Millions Of Dollars in Claims: Progressive Insurance • Red Robin • Radio Shack • Glenmore Investment • ICMarkets • TradeLtd RJ • Reynolds Tobacco • Ford Motor Company • Sears Roebuck • Verizon Wireless • Family Dollar Stores

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